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ADT Customer Referral Program FAQ

Q:    How does the ADT Customer Referral Program work?
A:    As an active ADT Customer, you are eligible to participate in our Customer Referral Program. When you refer friends, relatives or neighbors to ADT through our referral program and they purchase an ADT security system, you will receive $100 VISA gift card, it’s that easy!

A:     You can refer friends and family members to ADT through either sharing a link via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or printable cards. Any rewards above $599 will require the government W9 form be completed for tax purposes.
Q:    What’s the process of signing up as a customer advocate?
A:    There are two simple ways to sign up:
  1. Your ADT sales rep can input your information, after which, you will receive an email with a link to complete registration
  2. OR
  3. Your ADT sales rep can send you a unique link to the Customer Referral Program where you can register (you will receive an email with a link to complete your registration)
NOTE: You will immediately receive a confirmation email to complete the registration process. Click on the link contained in the email, set username and password, and agree to the T&Cs
Q:    Is the sales rep allowed to enter a referral for me?
A:    To qualify for the $100 VISA gift card referral reward, you, as a registered customer advocate in the Customer Referral Program, must be the one to generate the referral by sharing the link through email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or your own personalized flyer which can be printed right from the customer referral website.
Q:    What is the referral reward and how can it be spent?
A:    You will receive a $100 VISA gift card for each referral that results in the sale and installation of an ADT security system. This $100 VISA gift card can be used just like cash (online or at stores).
Q:    How many referrals am I allowed to make?
A:    As a registered ADT customer advocate, you are allowed to make as many referrals as they like. There is no limit to the amount of referrals you can make.